The Best Way for Kids to Learn Coding in 2021: Cheap 1-on-1 Personalized Learning

Coding for kids is becoming more popular than ever. Many parents are looking to teach their kids coding outside of regular schooling. Coding classes for kids cover a range of challenging subjects. It's important that kids learn in the right setting to understand the material. Group classrooms can be beneficial but private lessons are a better way to teach coding to kids.

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Group Classes

Much like regular schooling, group classes are common for teaching coding to kids. It is a familiar setting that many children are comfortable in.

Many parents prefer group classes to offer their children a chance to socialize. It is beneficial for kids to make friends and share interests. But, this socializing can often distract both the kids and the teacher. Kids in larger classes are more likely to be disruptive. This means that the teacher will spend time disciplining, cutting into instruction time.


Group classes are generally perceived to be the lowest cost option. Many private institutions and community centers offer low-cost group classes for kid's coding. Prices range from $35-$55 per lesson set by institutions.

Learning and Instruction Styles

Classroom learning can be difficult for some students. Students aged 7-15 are more likely to lose focus in the classroom than in private tutoring. The longer the lesson, the less likely students are to maintain concentration. Kids can and will get distracted in a group setting.

Children learning together often don't get to set the pace of the instruction. One child falling behind in the work can prevent the other kids from progressing. Or, the teacher may not have the time to dedicate to each student, so some might not completely understand. Group classes don't allow for personalized instruction and can result in partial education. 

Private Classes

Private classes are the choice for many kids who feel they need hands-on instruction. Coding can be difficult and students often want more knowledge than a classroom can give.

Private classes are more interactive. It is unlikely for a child to suffer from distractions or lose focus. They are also more likely to interact instead of being passive in a group. Kids who are shy may gain confidence by working one-on-one with their instructor.


Private instruction is generally a most costly option. Since the teacher is only focusing on one child at a time, rates reflect this. Most private coding classes cost $50-$65 per class.

Learning and Instruction Styles

Private classes are more personalized. Instructors are able to adjust the lesson plan to suit an individual learning style. This means kids can learn at a comfortable pace and get help when they need it. Instructors will relate to the student and customize the lessons. If the student is into skiing, the instructor can make parallels with coding. This can make the information easier to understand. They will also encourage students to use these interests in their projects. They might code a skiing game.

Private classes give the instructor and the student more time to work together. The instructor does not need to share their time, energy, or focus between students. This means that every kid gets the full instruction and will get involved in the lesson.

The Best Private Coding Lessons for Kids

Geekedu provides a complete solution for kids learning to code. We offer an award-winning curriculum that focuses on learning in a dynamic and fun way. We encourage kids to be themselves and to work on projects that excite them. Over ten thousand students have learned to code with Geekedu.

Geekedu instructors show dedication to their students and to learning to code. Each instructor must pass our 6-step interview to ensure we only hire the best. Instructors must have a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and two years of teaching experience. 


Geekedu believes in affordability and accessibility. Every kid should have the opportunity to learn to code. Tuition is as low as $32 per 1-hour class. There are a variety of monthly subscription plans to choose from. Cancel at any time.

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Learning and Instruction Style

Kids need encouragement to learn complex concepts. Our instructors are experts at this. Each student gets their instructor's undivided attention and a personalized lesson plan. Kids get the support and thorough instruction that they need to meet their goals.

We take feedback seriously. Parents receive a report from the instructor after every class. You always know how your child is progressing and what they are learning. Parents are also allowed to watch or check in on the instruction at any time. Both kids and parents can give feedback to the instructor at any time.

Award-Winning Curriculum

The Geekedu curriculum covers a variety of coding topics for students from beginner to expert. Kids of all ages can learn to code in a variety of computer languages.

Our Courses

Python is one of the most popular computer languages and is used by companies like Amazon, Google, and Spotify. 

  • Kids can start in Python 1 with the basics of  variables, conditional statements, loop basics, and functions. 
  • Python 2 advances these concepts with data structures, advanced loops, algorithms, and object-oriented programming. 
  • Python 3 focuses on applying knowledge to create games, analyze data, and build AI.

Java classes introduce kids to program and app development.

  • Java 1 features introductory knowledge where students develop games like Tic-Tac-Toe game. 
  • More in-depth knowledge is covered in Java 2 including classes and objects, inheritance and polymorphism.
  • Java 3 is for advanced students, focusing on program design and analysis. Students complete their Java instruction by developing a functioning chess game.

Advanced students can further challenge themselves with C++ and AP Computer Science A courses

  • Students can use C++ as preparation for competitions like the American Computer Science League (ACSL), the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC).
  • AP Computer Science A teaches a curriculum to a university-level and may qualify as university credit to certain schools. Kids can get a head start on their post-secondary education.

Electives are also available for creative kids who want to design and build.

  • For younger students, we recommend starting with Scratch, a block-based visual language. It’s fun and engaging for kids as young as 7.
  • Gamers can create their own video games with Unreal Game Development. 
  • Artists and creative children can learn 3D Animation with Maya and Web Development.
  • We’re also a Roblox educator! Students can create their own models and scripts on this popular platform. 

With qualified instructors, private online lessons, and affordable pricing, Geekedu is the best way to teach your kids how to code.

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Geekedu is an expert in Coding and Math learning. Our goal is to inspire and empower youth to use their knowledge of technology to become the influencers, inventors and innovators of the future.

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