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We’re dedicated to teaching future innovators

Geekedu was founded on the idea that every kid should have the opportunity to learn Computer Science and Mathematics, regardless of their background or finances. Classes are designed to nurture critical thinking and problem-solving skills while keeping children excited and engaged. Our team of qualified instructors are specially paired with each child to provide the best learning experience possible.

Who are we?

Geekedu was founded in 2015 by a group of like-minded geeks working as software engineers at Google and Amazon.  We wanted to share our passion for Computer Science and Mathematics to inspire kids to learn and grow. We developed this into our “Geek philosophy” that learning to code should be accessible and affordable for every child and teenager.

Our custom award-winning curriculum presents JavaScript, Python, Java, and C++ in a unique and engaging style. Our Matrix Computational-Thinking Curriculum is based on the research of Dr. Michael Genesereth who published the Stanford CTSA K-12 Computer Science Standards.

Since 2016, over 100,000 students have completed our structured course sequence. Over 97% of our students have continued their Computer Science and Mathematics education at  a post-secondary institution.

We are partnered with over 120 schools and organizations in North America to supplement the standard school curriculum. It is our goal to help every student gain the skills to succeed, create, and define the future of technology.



Active, encouraging educators

Our faculty comprises a diverse group of educators from across North America whose education and experience comes from both top-tier universities and tech companies.

Our instructors develop a personalized lesson plan for each student, centred around our robust curriculum and designed to meet each student's unique learning needs. We hand select the right instructor for your child, to ensure students are supported, engaged, and encouraged to succeed.
Our instructors work with the same students on a weekly basis to build familiarity and consistency. This creates the best learning environment for our students and the best teaching experience for our instructors.
Our instructors are held to the highest standard and are expected to meet our expectations for curriculum, new concepts, teaching, and conduct. Students get a knowledgeable and professional instructor who is focused on helping the student first.
Our instructors are encouraged to connect with students’ interests to teach the information in an engaging fashion. They develop lesson plans unique to each student to ensure progress, focus, and success.
Leading the future

Hear what our instructors have to say

“I love teaching with Geekedu. The students are the best part of the job. They are some of the brightest kids I have ever worked with. Each of my students is so unique and interesting, but they all have enthusiasm for their learning. It makes teaching these challenging subjects so much easier. I’m always happy to see students succeed and feel proud when they start applying their knowledge.”
Instructor John
“I wish there had been something like this when I was younger. Math and Computer Science were sometimes dry or hard to understand when I was younger. I had to discover things for myself until university. Now I have the privilege of getting younger children involved in this complex and interesting world! I can’t wait to see how successful my students will be in the future!”
Instructor Vitis
“There’s more to Computer Science and Mathematics than is taught in school. I love being able to share the more exciting sides of some difficult subject matter. It’s inspiring to see students grasp difficult concepts and be motivated to learn, solve problems and create. Working 1:1 means I get to spend time with each student and gives me the freedom to teach them in a way that the students can connect with.”
Instructor Dr. Jameson
“I get to introduce beginner students to Computer Science and I want them to feel confident from the very first lesson. I believe in maintaining positivity in the lessons, so students feel encouraged and supported. This leads my students to a deeper understanding of the concepts, but also kids that are excited to start class every week!”
Instructor Liz
“Geekedu’s curriculum is great to teach. It’s structured and organized but allows me to form a connection with my students. It’s great to be able to explain concepts in ways that students can understand. Geekedu makes math more than an abstract concept. It’s a valuable way for kids to see and understand the world.”
Instructor Emma
“The students are the best part of this job! I love working with these kids and seeing them learn to code. Some of the best experiences are working with children who were hesitant or shy. I get to watch them blossom, gain knowledge and get excited to share it. It’s so cool to be able to help children gain confidence through learning.”
Instructor Dr. Peter

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