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Our award-winning Computer Science and Mathematics classes empower students to develop their skills from scratch to expert.
Our hand-selected instructors offer comprehensive, personalized instruction for each and every student.

1-1 private sessions as low as $32 per hour
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Code your future!

Computer Science and Mathematics inspires kids

Geekedu was founded in 2015 by a group of like-minded geeks working at Google and Amazon. We wanted to find a way to share our passion for Computer Science and Mathematics and inspire kids to become future leaders, influencers and inventors. Our “Geek philosophy” is that learning to code should be accessible to every child and teenager. We are partnered with over 120 schools, academies, and organizations in North America to encourage kids to achieve and innovate.

Award-winning learning material

Our curriculum is carefully crafted, based on Stanford CSTA K-12 Computer Science Standard. Students learn at their own pace in 1-on-1 private sessions, giving them more freedom to learn and explore their interests. Students will develop solid critical thinking and problem-solving skills, resulting in higher college admission rates and a positive start toward a promising and exciting career path.
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Geekedu instructors

Learn with the professionals

Our team of certified instructors are selected from top-tier universities and North America’s leading IT companies. Each student is specially matched with an instructor based on their skill level and interests, to ensure personalized learning that your child will engage with. Our instructors are able to relate passions like baseball, music, and aeronautics to data science, video game design, programming and more!
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Computer science

For Ages 7-18
Our courses teach valuable computer skills in an engaging and exciting way. Young students learn basic programming fundamentals through Scratch. Kids over 10 can move on to studying Python, Java, and C++. Adventurous and creative students can even expand their skills by exploring the fields in Web Design and 3D animation. We are a Roblox certified educator, offering innovative courses in game development and design sure to captivate any student’s imagination.
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For Ages 10-18
We have math courses for every ambitious students looking to learn algebra, number theory, probability, geometry, and calculus. Students will cultivate problem-solving skills while learning these concepts. Through this course, students will develop strong study habits and practical knowledge alongside advanced mathematics theory. Students can use these courses to excel in their high school math classes, university preparation, and prestigious math competitions.
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Code your future with the perfect learning plan

per student
per month
Perfect for busy students who want to learn computer science and mathematics courses in our 1-on-1 private session.
4 private classes per month
Private 1-hour class with a dedicated instructor
Customized lesson plan
Weekly progress reports
As low as $35/class
per student
per month
Designed for enthusiastic students who would like to accelerate their learning or study two subjects at a time.
8 private classes per month
Private 1-hour class with a dedicated instructor
Customized lesson plan
Progress reports after each class
In-depth learning at an accelerated pace for faster progress
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