Online Summer Coding Camps

Online Summer Coding Camps and Class for Kids

Take part in live, private online coding classes for kids this summer. Choose your area of study and start learning to code from the convenience of home.

Summer Coding Programs for Kids and Teens

The most engaging and exciting way for kids to learn to code on their summer break.
Learn coding, computer science, and programming from home this summer. Our summer camps are always 1-on-1, private, customized lessons at an affordable rate. Beginners to advanced students can learn coding in Scratch, Python, Java, Roblox, Web Development ... in an accelerated summer course. Coding for kids this summer is convenient, interactive, and most of all fun!

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1:1 instruction

Classes are private and 1-on-1 to ensure our students get the instructor’s undivided attention. Private classes ensure each student gets the time and the attention that they require, resulting in the best learning experience possible.

Student to Instructor Pairing

Student to instructor pairing

Students are carefully paired with the right instructor, based on personality, experience, interests, and availability in order to deliver the best possible learning experience.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Learn at your own pace

Summer coding programs contain the same curriculum as our regularly paced lessons. We don’t leave any information out. Kids get the same top-tier education in a convenient 1-week summer schedule.

Daily Report

Daily report

After each class, students and parents will receive a written report of the topics covered, the homework assigned, and the progress made.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible Scheduling

Classes are available Mondays through Sundays and can be rescheduled with 24 hours’ notice. You are not restricted to a Monday to Friday schedule.

Customized Learning Paths

Customized learning paths

Our instructors provide customized learning within a structured curriculum to allow students to work at their own pace with a mentor and role model.

Summer Full Coding Curriculum for kids

Our summer coding classes offer a complete curriculum for kids who want to learn to code. We pack our regular, year-round programs into one week. Kids get the same award-winning curriculum and private online lessons with one of our professional instructors. Kids can start learning to code or refine their skills with a fun, fast-paced schedule that fits conveniently into their summer break.

Start Coding This Summer

Whether in elementary school, middle school, or high school, your child can learn coding this summer. Choose from any of our classes. Young and beginner students can learn with visual coding, while middle school, high school, and advanced students work with real programming languages like Java, Python, and C++. Mathematics students can get ahead of their classmates with advanced concepts and contest preparation courses.

Python for kids

Designed for beginners, this course give kids a head start in coding. This includes: variables, conditional statements, loop basics, and functions. Throughout the way, students will create projects and games in order to apply the concepts they have learned, and to solidify their knowledge.

Java for kids

This beginner-friendly course serves as an introduction to the Java programming language. Concepts covered in this course include Java syntax, types and identifiers, operators, if statements, loops, arrays and more! Students will apply these concepts to create fun games such as Tic-Tac-Toe.

C++ for teens

This accelerated course is designed to prepare students for the American Computer Science League (ACSL), the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC).

Roblox Game Dev

Learn the fundamentals of game development using Roblox Studio and Lua Scripting. The course is available for students of all skill levels, although previous programming experience is an asset.

Math for kids

This course is designed for students who have a passion for math and the desire to master it. Whether a student is looking to prepare for university, get ahead of their peers, or compete in a prestigious mathematics competition, we have the right course to assist each student in achieving their goal.

AMC |CEMC contest

This course is designed to prepare students for the AMC and Euclid Math Competition. These competitions cover the topics: trigonometry, algebra, and advanced geometry. The course assists students in developing and enhancing their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking, which will lead to greater success in these competitions.


Summer Camp Enrollment FAQ

Need more assistance? Do you have a question that isn’t listed? We’re happy to help. Please email us or call us.

What happens after enrollment?
Our admissions advisers will contact you by email or phone to schedule a start date. We’ll ask questions about your child’s age, schedule, and preferred subjects to find them the right instructor and course.
What technology do we need?
You need a computer with a microphone and a speaker, a web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE), and a reliable internet connection.
What is the class size?
We believe the best instruction is 1-to-1. All of our lessons are private, with one student and one teacher. This helps to keep the student-focused, active, and engaged. It also gives our instructor the opportunity to understand your child’s needs and learning style.
Who is the summer program for?
Our summer classes are perfect for any kid or teenager 7-18. Whether your child is a beginner or an advanced coder, we have the right classes to help them on their coding journey.
Where are summer camps held?
Right from the comfort of your home or vacation! Log in from a quiet space with reliable internet, and connect with your teacher online.
What if I have multiple children?
We still want to give every student individual instruction, so we do offer a sibling discount. We will apply a 10% discount to the total if you are enrolling more than one child.
Why should I enroll now?
Kids are excited to learn to code! We book up quickly. Ensure your spot as soon as possible.
What if I enroll now and something comes up?
We offer a 100% money-back guarantee. We’ll give you a full refund as long as you cancel or reschedule 24 hours prior to your first session.
What if I enroll and my child doesn’t like coding?
We want you and your child to be happy and satisfied with us. Your child can use the first lesson as a trial class. Let us know when the class is done or prior to the second class, and we’ll refund the full cost of the program.
What happens after my child finishes camp?
Your child will receive a certificate for completing our camp. Parents will receive a detailed progress report outlining the concepts their child has learned, and the progress made. We encourage kids who enjoyed our summer camps to enroll in regular classes with us through their next school year.