For Ages 7 - 18

Computer science

Our engaging and exciting courses are designed to teach a wide variety of valuable computer skills to every student. Young students begin with Scratch, a block-based visual programming language that teaches basic programming fundamentals. Students above 10 year-old can build on their Computer Science knowledge by studying Python, Java, and C++. For adventurous and creative students, elective courses teach Maya and Web Design to develop 3D animation projects and your own websites. We are a Roblox certified educator, offering innovative courses in game development and design sure to captivate any student’s imagination.

Core course

AGES 7 - 10

This course is designed to be a gentle introduction to basic programming concepts, such as algorithms, syntax, loops, and variables, through the engaging and familiar experience of a video game.

Students use computational thinking and computer programming to complete challenges by playing games! Give beginners a head start in coding.

Python Level 1
AGES 10 - 15

Designed for beginners, this level is designed to teach the basic fundamentals and design principles of Python, with the help of Turtle graphics and PyGame. This includes: variables, conditional statements, loop basics, and functions.

These concepts are transferable to any other programming language. Throughout the way, students will create projects in order to apply the concepts they have learned, and to solidify their knowledge.

Python Level 2
AGES 10 - 15

Level 2 dives deeper into the basics of Python for a more thorough understanding and introduces advanced topics. Students will build on knowledge from Level 1 and work with data structures, advanced loops, algorithms, and object-oriented programming, and create games based on what they learn.

Students will complete the course with a solid understanding of Python fundamentals.

Python Level 3
AGES 12 - 18

Once students have fully understood all the fundamentals of Python, Level 3 focuses on applying concepts. Students will use the theory to create practical projects which they can showcase on their portfolio by creating applications using external libraries.

The topics covered in this level are: game development, data analyzing, and building and using AI.

Java Level 1
AGES 10 - 15

This beginner-friendly course serves as an introduction to the Java programming language. Students will learn the fundamentals of Java along with core computer science concepts. Concepts covered in this course include Java syntax, types and identifiers, operators, if statements, loops, arrays and more.

Students will apply these concepts to create fun games such as Tic-Tac-Toe.

Java Level 2
AGES 12 - 18

In the Java Level 2 course, students will build on the concepts they learned in Level 1. This course covers topics such as classes and objects, inheritance and polymorphism, Java standard classes and more.

Students will use these concepts to create intermediate games like Hangman.

Java Level 3
AGES 12 - 18

This advanced course is designed to give students an in-depth understanding of Java, building on Level 2. Concepts covered in this course include program design and analysis, recursion, sorting and searching, and more. Students will apply this knowledge to create advanced games such as Chess Game.

Students can advance to our AP CSP course, if choose to have the AP exam.

AGES 14  - 18

This accelerated course includes variable types, loops, control statements, functions, and one- and two-dimensional arrays, object-oriented programming, memory manipulation, and dynamic arrays. This course is designed to prepare students for the American Computer Science League (ACSL), the USA Computing Olympiad (USACO) and the Canadian Computing Competition (CCC).

Pre-requisites: a solid background in coding (completion of Java Level 2 or AP Computer Science A).

AP Computer Science A
AGES 14  - 18

Our most advanced and accelerated Java course is for motivated students looking for a challenge. This course covers Java concepts up to a university-level understanding.

Students will have a well-rounded review of the whole AP CSP curriculum and will dramatically improve their problem-solving skills.

This course provides preparation for the Advanced Placement Computer Science exam, which may qualify students for post-secondary credits.

Elective courses

Game Development
AGES 7 - 10

Scratch is perfect for young beginners. It is a block-based programming platform that allows students to easily create stunning projects and build the fundamentals of programming.

Throughout this level, students will create animations and games, which makes learning fun and interactive. These concepts learned are easily transferable to our more advanced courses.

Unreal Game Development
AGES 15+

This course is for any student wishing to work in Unreal Engine for creating interactive experiences and/or enterprise fields of real time training simulation, visualization, and media/entertainment.

Create realistic games with the complete game development tool - Unreal Engine 4. Start with the fundamentals so that you build a solid base understanding.

Roblox Game Maker
AGES 10 - 15

Learn the fundamentals of game development using Roblox Studio and Lua Scripting. Students will manipulate blocks across a 3D world, learn game design strategies, create models, and create scripts.

The course is available for students of all skill levels, although previous programming experience is an asset.

Practical Skills
3D Animation with Maya
AGES 13+

2D Animation: This course is a solid introduction to 2D computer animation. Using Adobe Animate, students will draw and create two-dimensional characters and backgrounds before learning animation cycles, lipsync, colour correction, final composting, and texturing. The final project will have the student creating a 15 second 2D character animation to finish the course.

3D Animation: This course serves as an introduction of the exciting world of 3D computer animation. Students learn Maya and techniques that are used in professional production studios. The course covers techniques like character modeling, set and prop modeling, texturing, animation principles, special effects, lighting and rendering. Students are encouraged to produce a 30 second 3D animation project at the end of the course. 

Web Development
AGES 13+

Create your own website from scratch by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will create the base of the website using HTML, then progress to adding visual and interactive components using CSS and JavaScript.

The course also covers UI and UX knowledge in order to create a smooth and visually appealing website and ensure compatibility on any device.


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