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Our Mathematics courses are designed for students who have a passion for learning. From Introduction classes, advanced high school math, and classes for succeeding in mathematics competitions, we have a course for every ambitious student. We offer courses in algebra, number theory, probability, geometry, and calculus at all levels. Our instructors use our curriculum to focus on cultivating problem-solving skills while teaching concepts. This helps students to develop strong study habits and practical knowledge alongside the theory. Students will be equipped to excel in their high school math classes, university preparation, and prestigious math competitions.

Core course

AGES 10 - 13

This course prepares students for the rigours of Algebra studies while focusing on building problem-solving and logic techniques. This will challenge students beyond middle school math concepts. Pre-Algebra offers students a well-rounded understanding of math.

It covers major topics like arithmetic, divisibility, GCD, LCM, ratios rates, and percent, angles, perimeter, and area, basic statistics and counting.

Introduction to Algebra
AGES 10 - 13

A thorough introduction to Algebra following our Pre-Algebra class. This course gives students a strong foundation in Algebra concepts. The curriculum focuses on inequality and system of equations, ratios, percent, proportions; linear functions, factoring, quadratic equations, and functions; general functions, sequence, and series; polynomials, exponentials, and logarithms.

Students will be prepared to tackle more advanced Algebra learning.

Introduction to Geometry
AGES 10 - 15

Students in grades 6-10 will build a solid understanding of more advanced geometry concepts in this course. It is designed to expand on the standard high school geometry curriculum and to challenge students with new concepts and problems.

Topics include congruent and similar triangles, circles, 3D geometry, and introductory trigonometry.

Introduction to Number Theory
AGES 10 - 15

This course is designed to build the basics of a complicated mathematical field. It is designed to be a complete introduction to the fundamental concepts of number theory for students in grades 7-10.

The class covers topics such as primes and composites; multiples, divisors, and divisibility; prime factorization and its uses; modular arithmetic and more.

Introduction to Counting and Probability
AGES 10 - 15

To build on the concepts from the Introduction level course, students will build on their Counting and Probability knowledge.

A thorough introduction for students in grades 7-10 to counting and probability topics such as permutations, combinations, Pascal's triangle, geometric probability, basic combinatorial identities, the Binomial Theorem, Pigeonhole Principle Conditional, Probability Graph Theory and more.

AGES 13 - 17

This class builds on theory learned in the Introduction to Algebra . Students will learn advanced concepts that include polynomials, inequality, radicals, and functions.

The curriculum will also introduce students to the problem-solving strategies required for success on the AMC and AIME competitions.

Counting and Probability
AGES 14  - 18

To build on the concepts from the Introduction level course, students will refine their Counting and Probability knowledge.

A thorough introduction for students in grades 7-10 to counting and probability topics such as permutations, combinations, Pascal's triangle, geometric probability, basic combinatorial identities, the Binomial Theorem, Pigeonhole Principle, Conditional Probability Graph Theory, and more.

AGES 14  - 18

Recommended before taking Calculus, this course is an introduction to the fundamentals of calculus concepts. It covers trigonometry, complex numbers, vectors, and matrices. It also offers an introduction of problems from the AIME and USAMO competitions.

Students will complete the course confident and ready to continue on with their calculus studies.

AGES 15+

This course is a comprehensive study of single-variable calculus. It builds on the topics covered in Pre-Calculus and is the basis for theorem and problem solving that are covered in high school calculus class. It is essential for students looking to further their education with AP Calculus.

Specific topics covered include limits, continuity, derivatives, integrals, power series, plane curves, derivative integral series, and differential equations.

AP Calculus AB
AGES 15+

An advanced high-school level course for an in-depth understanding of calculus. This course is designed for students who are currently taking AP Calculus in school and preparing for the AP Calculus AB exam. The course covers limits and continuity, differentiation, applications of derivatives, integration and accumulation of change, differential equations, and applications of integrations.

We recommend all students in this course enroll with two or more classes per week.

AMC 12 | Euclid
AGES 15+

This course is designed to prepare students for the AMC 12 and Euclid Mathematics Competition. These competitions cover the entire high school math curriculum including trigonometry, algebra, and advanced geometry.

The course assists students in developing and enhancing their problem-solving skills and analytical thinking, which will lead to greater success in these competitions. 

Middle School Contest

This course is designed to prepare students for the AMC 8 and other middle school math competitions. Possible topics range from the full middle school mathematics curriculum, including counting and probability, estimation, everyday applications, to beginning algebra and quadratic equations. This course encourages students to develop their analytical thinking and ability to apply theory to problems.

Elective courses

Game Development
AGES 7 - 10

Scratch is perfect for young beginners. It is a block-based programming platform that allows students to easily create stunning projects and build the fundamentals of programming.

Throughout this level, students will create animations and games, which makes learning fun and interactive. These concepts learned are easily transferable to our more advanced courses.

Unreal Game Development
AGES 15+

This course is for any student wishing to work in Unreal Engine for creating interactive experiences and/or enterprise fields of real time training simulation, visualization, and media/entertainment.

Create realistic games with the complete game development tool - Unreal Engine 4. Start with the fundamentals so that you build a solid base understanding.

Roblox Game Maker
AGES 10 - 15

Learn the fundamentals of game development using Roblox Studio and Lua Scripting. Students will manipulate blocks across a 3D world, learn game design strategies, create models, and create scripts.

The course is available for students of all skill levels, although previous programming experience is an asset.

Practical Skills
3D Animation with Maya
AGES 13+

2D Animation: This course is a solid introduction to 2D computer animation. Using Adobe Animate, students will draw and create two-dimensional characters and backgrounds before learning animation cycles, lipsync, colour correction, final composting, and texturing. The final project will have the student creating a 15 second 2D character animation to finish the course.

3D Animation: This course serves as an introduction of the exciting world of 3D computer animation. Students learn Maya and techniques that are used in professional production studios. The course covers techniques like character modeling, set and prop modeling, texturing, animation principles, special effects, lighting and rendering. Students are encouraged to produce a 30 second 3D animation project at the end of the course. 

Web Development
AGES 13+

Create your own website from scratch by learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Students will create the base of the website using HTML, then progress to adding visual and interactive components using CSS and JavaScript.

The course also covers UI and UX knowledge in order to create a smooth and visually appealing website and ensure compatibility on any device.


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