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Today, we can see how rapidly technology is changing. With that considered, Gen Z is far more exposed to it than older generations, and with technology comes the ease of access to different programs and apps.

Programming now is not limited to older, tech-savvy kids. It has become a vital skill for everyone to learn for kids and adults alike.

If you are looking for free coding platforms or websites for your little ones, this is the perfect guide. We've gathered ten different coding programs for kids suitable for children aged five and above. The resources collected by us are all available for free use.

Why Should Kids Learn Coding?

Although many of us agree that programming skill is in high demand worldwide, it's not entirely about that. In fact, no skill should be looked at from a one-dimensional perspective. Instead, it would be best to keep in mind that learning a skill comes with several benefits. These benefits include:

  1. Builds Confidence: With coding comes several obstacles that kids need to tackle—it allows children enough room to make mistakes and learn from them. When they finally find a solution for a problem, they will know different ways to complete any task.
  2. Boosts Creativity: Further, with coding comes frequent experimentation. The process of making mistakes and then finding creative ways to solve them encourages children with their creativity.
  3. Enhances Academic Performance: Programming and coding help kids understand the basics of planning and organizing skills. This helps kids put their thoughts to help them in their academic performance.
  4. Improves Math Skills: Coding allows children to understand abstract concepts. It also enables kids to build on their math and computational skills, allowing them to do better in their math classes. This can be seen now as something that helps them produce, code, and strategize.
  5. Polishes Problem-Solving Skills: Coding requires individuals to find different ways to solve a problem or a code, which helps kids build on their problem-solving skills.

So why not have your kids start early when you have free access to websites online?

Top 10 Free Coding Programs For Kids

Coding does not have to be complicated or tedious. When we think about coding, we picture challenging JavaScript-level programming. Let's start by looking into some of the websites that are perfect for supporting your child on their journey to learn coding in a fun way.

  1. Code.Org is an organization dedicated to expanding computer-based knowledge in schools. It is currently the most popular website that provides free coding classes for children. In addition, the platform is famous for its inventive search engine that allows kids to look up relevant courses worldwide.

The interactive teaching method used by instructors helps kids learn better since it incorporates fun activities that they can undertake to learn coding in a fun way. For example, this could include maze games to engage kids in the material offered by the courses. is an ideal website for kids over five years of age because the program has lessons arranged in alignment with children's grades to choose the levels that aren't too complicated for them to understand.

  1. Scratch and Scratch Jr.
scratch coding

Scratch and Scratch Jr. are programming languages with a unique twist that also happens to be an online community where kids may participate in programming activities and interactive discussion material with people all around the globe, such as animations, games, and stories.

Scratch allows students to enter into computer science and learn new subjects artistically and methodically.

Instead of delving into the nuances of a language, this basic form of coding may teach youngsters the practice of action-based coding. In addition, scratch collaborates with real-world projects such as Lego Mindstorms, allowing the coding platform to create essential results.

Using lines of codes can be a little tricky and complicated. It may even seem a little boring to the younger coders. So by using Scratch, they won’t even have to use one line of code and still be able to design and create interactive programs.  When it comes to talk about which language is the best for kids aged 5-10 years old, Scratch comes to the top. We have many Scratch tutorials to guide you improve your Scratch skills:

  1. Blockly.Game

Blockly helps children learn about programming through a series of block and coding challenge activities. Children must click and drag prewritten code blocks for each problem to tackle a particular function. This application allows children to investigate the subject of programming, even if they have no prior knowledge of programming languages.

This website is free and best suited for children above the age of eight. With Blockly's guidance, children may read and move through programming tasks alone, without the intervention of an adult.

  1. Khan Academy
khan academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing top-class education to eager students worldwide.

It is one of the most widely used educational websites for digital learning. Students can explore thousands of digital courses through Khan Academy. 

In addition, it covers a broad range of subjects, including arithmetic, physics, chemistry, history, business, and engineering. 

Thankfully, the site has introduced programming and coding classes for children above the age of 12 to its portfolio, making it a reputable global platform for such training courses. 

HTML/CSS for creating websites, HTML/JS for developing responsive websites, SQL for data management and analytics, and JavaScript for animations, gaming, sketching, and realistic simulation are all covered in its coding classes.

  1. Code Monster

Code Monster introduces Javascript programming to children through engaging, immersive sessions with a charming blue creature.

To begin, after you've opened Crunchzilla, you'll need to select one of its four levels of coding lessons. 

We'll obviously be focused on Code Monster because it's aimed towards younger children. However, it's reassuring to know that there are higher levels to progress to after finishing each step.

Code Monster essentially gives active coding practice with JavaScript. This program lets kids advance through the courses without help from the teacher; children should be able to read independently.

  1. Code for Life

Code for Life offers a Blockly-based coding platform. Anyone who has used Blockly or Scratch will quickly recognize the similarities when accessing Code for Life's software platform. In addition, code for Life offers over 100 tasks that learners may accomplish using the Rapid Router application.

Code for Life is intended for use with children in primary school through high school. It teaches everything, including basic programming concepts, to creating through playing games using Blockly and, subsequently, Python. A thorough lesson plan library is an incredible guide for educators.

  1. Codecombat.Com

Among several online programs, it gets a little difficult to decide which one would prove beneficial for your child. To resolve that problem, every parent must look into code combat; it is an amalgamation of two distinct types of programming languages, namely RPG gaming and text-based programming. It provides highly engaging experiential learning through entertaining gameplay that your children can use from any search engine.

There are several activities involved in this program; the one aim of the creators is to give your children a unique avatar and a sequential set of steps to complete missions by playing different games like riddles, immersive activities, and puzzles. It has thirty-nine stages and helps teach children the basics of loops and variables—all related to programming and coding.

As the stages progress, you may go over to some challenging components like perhaps games or developing a website by investing in the paid version of their program.

  1. Lightbot

Whether you're looking for a fun way to get your kids to experiment with programming or get them into coding independently so they are more confident in their skills, then you must turn to Light Bot.

Light Bot is perfect for children belonging to different age groups simply because of its dynamic and fun proposition.

  1. Stencyl

Stencyl, inspired by Scratch, is an excellent tool for novices to get started with coding. Due to its inspiration, it uses a similar code blocking technique.

Kids will begin by learning how to code by developing games, which they will subsequently be able to publish on various platforms such as iPhone, Android, Mac, and Linux.

Stencyl also provides the option of inputting code, which allows your children to hone their programming abilities. In addition, the website includes a curriculum for instructors to utilize in their classes.

Suppose your child is serious about publishing to other platforms, in that case, there are premium pro plans available in addition to the accessible version of Stencyl that allows online publishing.

  1. Codemonkey.Com
code monkey

If you still haven't found yourself the right program, then you should definitely look into Code Monkey. It is a different and fun platform that offers free-of-cost coding for children of all ages. In addition, the website is an excellent platform for kids to polish their computational skills. 

This website has an appealing label and also promotes programming education to children over and done with the self-motivated learning environment for the kids in terms of online gameplay.

Code Monkey is a text-based editor that allows users to code and create games. This language also makes it easy for children to master JavaScript later on in their coding careers.

The Takeaway!

Teaching kids basic programming and coding, especially from a younger age, helps broaden their horizons and allows them to look into an entire world of opportunities to learn and thrive. Coding has a lot of benefits for kids; they get to engage their fresh minds in critical thinking and prepare them for a highly tech-driven world.

The list we compiled for you has all the free programs that your kids can access and learn coding in a fun and exciting way.

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