Coding for kids: The reasons kids should start coding and why It Is Important for the young minds

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Being tech-savvy is kind of like the new world order. The younger kids are surprisingly more up to date with the technological advancements than the older people. Their young minds have an astonishing grasp over learning any and everything to do with technology. 

Learning to code is technically learning a whole new language from scratch, but it’s something the kids today are doing with great ease and interest. As soon as a child realizes their interest in technology, there is no looking back. 

There are countless avenues to explore and numerous discoveries to be made. The world becomes their oyster. There is nothing too difficult or complex for these young, highly developed, and evolved brains. They can run circles around anyone twice their age when it comes to technical know-how. So, teaching your children to code is the need of the hour as well as the trendiest thing to do. 

Teaching your child to code may seem like a difficult task, to say the least. The children may not be as apprehensive or afraid of failing as their parents. Often, we tend to impose our insecurities on our kids. Instead, it is always better to transfer the feeling of confidence and strength to your kids. The whole process of teaching your children to code may seem like an ordeal, but you must believe and make them believe it will pay off in the end.

If the child is already interested in technology and learning new technical skills, then teaching them how to code would be a piece of cake. It is only natural that children work harder on things they have an interest in. It is a well-known fact that if you teach children any new skill or new language from a young age, they are able to learn it a lot faster than when they are older. So, starting early with coding may seem a little overwhelming, but it is all worth it in the end. 

Coding For Kids Made Simple

 Reasons kids should start coding

What exactly is coding? Coding can simply be described as programming or computer programming. It is basically computer language and being able to tell the computer what to do. Children as young as 7 can easily start learning to code. In the past few years, coding has become very popular among kids. As technology becomes more and more an integral part of our everyday life, it is only natural that children develop such a deep interest in it. 

Teaching your children to code has become easier as it becomes more and more popular. Like parents used to send their kids to art camp or football camp in the summer holidays before, now they can very conveniently send them to coding camps and coding classes conducted by professionals and made simple for kids. 

The younger the child, the faster they pick up on concepts. The children who immerse themselves in the world of coding from a young age open up a world of possibilities and successes for themselves in the coming years. This is why it is a good idea to develop your child’s interest in coding from a young age. 

The tech camps for kids today start teaching them how to program or develop games. This keeps the children involved and excited about the whole process. Learning the different languages in which you can communicate with the computer can also be pretty exciting. Some of the different coding languages are:

  • Scratch 
  • Python
  • Java
  • C++

Even the names of the languages are fun, and children would feel inclined towards learning to communicate with a computer. 

The Path To Coding: How To Get Your Child Involved

Pushing your child too hard in any direction can have an adverse effect on their learning pattern and even interests. Let your children set the pace. They should be the ones following their hobbies and interests, with you lending support. 

If you feel your child might be interested in coding but hasn’t realized that for themselves yet, give them a tiny nudge in the right direction instead of pushing or forcing them. Introduce them to the world of coding with interesting shows or information to intrigue them into wanting to know more. The concept of ‘coding is pretty cool!’ should come from them, and that is your cue to guide them.  

Once the child expresses an obvious interest in learning to code or program, take baby steps. Each step in the process of coding should be a step forward. Many small successes can lead to eventual mastering. It is important that the child feels progress with each passing step. 

In this post, we will discuss why coding can be a form of brilliant learning for kids and how it is beneficial for them in the long run. 

Coding:  The New ‘cool’ Thing For Kids

The concept of coding for kids has been around for a few years now, and it is finally getting the attention it deserves. Smart kids are all enrolling in coding camps as they used to in math camps or science camps before. 

Coding is getting real traction among the brilliant kids, and this only shows it is not everybody’s cup of tea. It is exclusive, it is special, and it is sacred. It is the new thing children want to be able to do and one of the reasons your child should learn to code. 

The importance of being a coding expert, in the long run, cannot be emphasized enough. Statistics suggest there is a high number of computer science jobs available, but not enough professionals to fill them. 

Hence, coding is not just cool; it is instead very lucrative as well. Children can be made to understand this in the long run. How cool would it be if you could use your hobby to make good money?

And yet, good jobs and money are not the only reasons children should learn to code. Coding really helps in exercising that developing brain. It generates creativity and problem-solving skills in the participants, helping them transform into highly functional individuals.  The core concept for coding is algorithms, which can facilitate children's logical thinking.

Some of the advantages and reasons for your child to learn to code are:

  • Improved communication: Computer coding lets the children communicate with computers. The idea behind coding is to break down a complex command and make it simple enough for the computer to understand. This polishes the children’s communication skills in daily life as well. Those people who are able to communicate their ideas to an audience built up of people with all levels of intelligence end up being successful in all walks of life. And coding can significantly develop this skill in a child from a very early age. 
  • Heightened Creativity: By teaching your kids to code, you are teaching them to express themselves better. You are not only allowing your kids to understand technology, you are enabling them to create it. This opens up a world of possibilities for the coding generation. It feeds the imaginative brains of children and allows them to venture into a whole new world. 
  • Developed Collaboration Skills: Teamwork and collaboration are essential skills to lead a successful life. If your child is part of a coding group, they will understand the meaning of teamwork and working together. In addition, it hones the skills of collaboration as children learn new things from each other, every day, and understand the concept that two heads are better than one. 
  • Enhanced Problem-Solving Techniques: When children are learning computing, they learn to break down significant problems into smaller parts and then solve them. This technique can be applied to all kinds of problems a child might face in their life. Practicing this problem-solving technique will significantly assist in school, sports, and everyday life. 
  • Technical Edge: Coding is not for everybody. It is a rare skill, and only a few are able to master it. However, if a child learns to code, it will give them a competitive advantage over all their peers. This skill is of a lot of value and also helps while applying to colleges and universities. The child who knows coding will be an asset to any institution and, later on, business. 
  • Sense Of Achievement: Coders are in high demand and are appreciated in every field. If a child is able to learn to code, they will feel accomplished, and it will boost their confidence. In addition, children who are able to code are considered to be smarter than their peers, and this gives them motivation to actually master this skill of coding. 

Reminder - It Is Not An Easy Path

Being parents and grownups, you know what is going on in the world, what degree or skill is in high demand, and what can help your child secure a brighter future, career-wise. But the children don’t always understand this. They usually want to follow their interest and heart, do things that are fun rather than money-making or career building. 

You might feel overwhelmed with the idea of introducing something as complex as coding into your child’s life.  We all know if a child is forced into doing something they are not interested in, they usually crash. They become resentful and bitter towards their parents. Especially if they are unable to master a particular skill or degree, they blame their parents for their failures, and that’s never a pretty picture. 

Keep in mind that coding is not the end of the world. The tech world is a vast expanse of areas and expertise that your child could be interested in. Just teach your children to be tech-savvy. Whether they want to code or not is their decision. They have a hundred other avenues in which they can excel. So never push your child into something they are not up for. Instead, just guide them to what you feel is important and then trust their decision. 

Basics Of Programming: Important Definitions

It is always good to know a little bit about what you are getting into while embarking upon any learning journey. For example, when you are trying to learn a new language, the basic words of that language are most important to know beforehand. This knowledge helps in faster learning and a better understanding of the new language or course. 

Words in themselves may mean a few different things. Context is very important when it comes to understanding the language in which your child will learn to code. Below is a list of words your child will hear during their coding classes. It will be helpful if they have already been introduced to their meaning in simple words beforehand. 

 Reasons kids should start coding


The most important and basic keyword for coding is programming. You can explain the concept of programming to your child by comparing it to training their pet or helping their younger siblings learn. Babies and pets learn to respond to small, easy commands. In the same way, your child learns to break down complex commands into simple commands and ‘program’ the computer.

While learning to program, the children will be writing simple instructions down in English, with some additional rules and limitations. It is a fun and exciting exercise.

In addition, your child will learn different sets of computer languages with which they will be programming their computer. Programming is the basis of robotics, video games, making applications for phones or computers, and much more. When your child gets the hang of developing simple instructions during coding, they can apply programming to whatever their interest may be. If you feel confused choosing what is the best coding language for kids you can click and get some ideas from us.

Programming Language

It is safe to say that programming is done with a programming language. That’s the easiest way of defining what a programming language is. It is another basic of coding. Therefore, if you are teaching your children to code, they will eventually become fluent in computer language. 

Programing language is a set of instructions given in a particular, systematic way. In order to make a computer understand you, you need to command it with instructions it understands. 

Programming language is made up of its own set of instructions and rules that need to be followed in order to make the computer understand the owner’s commands properly. Many computer languages are being used presently, each having its own specific use and importance. 

Each language has its own syntax and semantics. Syntax basically means the grammatical structure that is understood by the computer. And semantics is the meaning. The combination of the correct syntax and semantics helps the coder communicate with their machines. 

Scratch Programming

One of the most used programming languages is Scratch programming. It has been developed by MIT, and your children will be exposed to this most often in their learning journey to code. It is a graphical programming language, based on drag and drop basics, easily understood and replicated by young coders. It has been designed specifically to help young children understand the concept of programming and coding, creating simple games, comics, etc. 

Scratch can be used by children to develop interactive programs and games. It is much more fun to code in Scratch as it has been specially designed for children, keeping it colorful and fun. It uses colorful coding blocks and different characters to help guide the kids. 

Using lines of codes can be a little tricky and complicated. It may even seem a little boring to the younger coders. So by using Scratch, they won’t even have to use one line of code and still be able to design and create interactive programs.  When it comes to talk about which language is the best for kids aged 5-10 years old, Scratch comes to the top. We have many Scratch tutorials to guide you improve your Scratch skills:

Coding Languages That Are Best For Your Children

All languages have their pros and cons. For seasoned coders, all languages may be an option. Some coders are masters of one language and specialize in coding with that particular language. But for kids, the language has to be simple as well as fun in order for the real creativity of the young coder to show. 

These are a few computer languages that are very popular among young coders. One of the reasons for your child to code is that there are only a few skills out there that have specially designed tools for younger learners. In addition, coding has a few entertaining and fun languages that help the children learn faster and better, feeling success with each step.  

Visual Programming Languages

Scratch and other visual programming languages are easily understood and accepted by young brains. Likewise, the young, inexperienced children who are interested in coding find these visual programming languages easy to handle and learn. 

The children feel excited and smart, and they get the hang of this language pretty easily. This language uses the technique of dragging and dropping commands to create interactive and visually exciting stories and games. The children feel immediately elated as their given commands are understood and translated into real games.


Another easy-to-understand and straightforward programming language is LUA. It is slightly more complex than Scratch and is not as visually appealing or easy, but it is still very popular among the younger and teen coders. 

The reason behind this is that the games app developers usually use LUA to create games. And any teen who is interested in games and coding would easily get the hang of this language. It makes the children and teens apply their creativity and develop new games and interactive programs without much hassle.

Top LUA developers who create games earn millions of dollars a year. If this isn’t a motivation for the teens to master this language and put it to good use, then we don’t know what is. These games developed in LUA are sold on Roblox, and in the near future, many avenues will open up for making money with programs and games developed in LUA.

Coding institutes and centers teach their students to program in LUA fluently and even provide the platform for selling their scripts to other, more experienced designers. This helps build the young coders' confidence as well as helps them decide their future path.  For kids, the most enjoyable way of learning LUA is to learn from Roblox class. Students can learn from play.

Age Is Just A Number In Coding

One of the reasons your child should learn to code is that the earlier they start, the better they become at it. This is why there is no right or wrong age to start learning to code. The answer to the question most commonly asked, ‘what is the right age to learn to code for my child?’ is ‘Now’. It is always better to start young, just like with any other skill or language. 

Coding has special languages that can easily be taught to the younger kids and help them build up their skills. And if teens or older students want to learn, that is also advisable as they are able to grasp the process and techniques better. They can find their way in the world of coding with the help of their instructors and peers, who have been coding for a while. 

So do not feel overwhelmed with all the new terminologies and languages, and techniques. Your children can learn a lot faster than you, and the way they are taught at the coding camps is commendable. You will see their work on great things in a short span of time. 

Many kids have made their name in the world of tech by developing useful and creative apps and games. They are already making millions in their teens. This is the kind of opportunities coding can open up for your child and one of the major reasons your child should learn to code as soon as possible.

Start Teaching Your Kids To Code Today! 

We are sure that we have got you all excited about your children becoming tech gurus of the future. Now you must be wondering how and where to start from.

If you have a child who is already interested in tech and coding, half your work is already done. At this point, your child must already be familiar with most of the basics of programming and excited to get enrolled in one of the coding programs. 

If your child is someone who is absolutely new to the concept, start by teaching them something or anything technical. Ask them what their interest is in the digital world and let them work their way up from there. No scheduled classes and no strict course to adhere to, these factors are not important when it comes to learning tech. Everyone has their freedom. So let them start where they are comfortable, even if that’s their bedroom. 

Next, try to help your child build a circle of like-minded children and peers. Children learn more from the environment and friends of their own age. Let them find someone they can talk to and discuss their achievements and interests in coding. This will help chalk out the way forward for them. In addition, a lot of these kids will often be a step or two ahead of your child. Hence, they will be in a better position to guide your child than you ever can be. Let them find their way with the help of peers, friends, and like-minded people. 

The step after this is more practical. Enable your child to build something, to do something with the knowledge they have acquired. Give them confidence by believing in their ideas and investing in them. If your child feels you trust that they are capable of creating something great, they will do so. 

Code: The Language Of Future 

We may have made it sound relatively easy, but rest assured, coding is no piece of cake. Like anything of value, it requires hard work, time, and skill. Your child will have to give it their best shot in order to make it big in the coding world. 

One of the reasons your child should learn to code is that it’s definitely the language of the future. The road may be long and tough, but in the end, it is all worth it. The young coders will be challenged at every step, but this is what makes it exciting and fun to conquer. And the coders will learn their worth from an early age. When they are actually working in the industry and professional market, they will learn where the real scope of growth is and what will help them reach their goals. They may pick their favourite language to master or their favourite programs to develop. 

But the best part about learning to code is not just being able to practically code, but all the skills that coding helps develop in a child. Even if your child doesn’t become a master coder, they will definitely have sharpened decision-making and problem-solving skills. Their creativity will be through the roof, and they would have been exposed to so many other niches of tech that one of which could be their forte. 

So learning to code is not just about programming, but actually speaking ‘tech’ and becoming a part of this fast-growing, multi-billion dollar industry.   

Start learning to code today! here is our parent's guidelines for teaching kids to code

What Does The Future Hold?

Learning to code is not simple. Even though a few young coders do try to learn at home if they have specifically experienced coders in the family to guide them, most of them take admission in coding institutes or even summer camps. 

Often, the young techies may believe that the information they are getting related to coding in school is inadequate, or they may already be at a higher level of coding at that point. This is when they try to reach out and seek assistance from coding professionals who are happily running institutes to prepare today’s youth for the technical complexities of tomorrow. 

These institutions have properly chalked out plans for various levels of coding professionals. They not only teach but also guide their students on what to expect next and how to go about their future plans. This is the most important part as the children may learn how to code much more easily than understand what to do with this newly acquired, deeply lucrative skill. 

The Takeaway! 

Yes, you have heard correctly that coding is the future, and it is highly recommended that you start teaching your children how to code from an early age. It will not only help them develop an extremely in-demand and lucrative skill, but it will also help them sharpen other skills that are needed to lead a successful life in any profession. 

There are many coding institutes and camps available, physical and online, with different levels of teaching intensity. These can help you develop your child’s interest in tech as well as give you a platform to help enhance your already tech-savvy child. 

Coding is the future, and as they say, the future is now. This is one of the reasons why your child should learn to code and fast! 

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