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Unreal Game Development

Unreal Game Development course

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This course introduces the basics of Web Development through the triad of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in order to create your very own website from scratch. Students will start by creating the base of the website using HTML, then progress to adding visual and interactive components using CSS and JavaScript. The course also covers UI and UX knowledge in order to create a smooth and visually appealing website, and ensuring compatibility on any device.
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What you'll learn

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What you'll learn

Chapter 1: Variables, Operators and Input
Students will learn about the basic variables: Integers and Floats. Additionally, they will learn how to print to the screen and use mathematical operators, in order to create a Calculator project!
Chapter 3: Drawing with Turtle
Students will learn how to use the concepts learned in chapters 1 and 2, and use it to create drawings using Python with Turtle! They will create a beautiful house drawing or a drawing of their choice.
Chapter 2: Input and More Variables
work with Strings and Boolean variables, and learn how to take user input. Students will use these to create a Greeting Program.

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