Is Coding A Good Career?

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People have fairly little to no knowledge when it comes to choosing careers, coding in particular. As a result, there’s a wide gap between the interest of parents and children in deciding which career will prove to be the most fruitful one.

Parents incline more towards lawyers, doctors, and engineers as the ‘good’ options, whereas for children, it’s artists, graphic designers, software or game developers, and so on. However, one thing common in the professions that children are more inclined towards is tech knowledge which these fields require, i.e., coding.

A good career is a subjective decision. For some people, it may mean a ‘financially rewarding job’, while for others, it may mean ‘the ease of working at your own pace, or ‘lesser input, more output’. But, of course, all of that depends on what you’re looking for in your job.

Coding is becoming a hot field of study, especially in the US, as more than 450,000 children enrolled in tech summer camps each year. These numbers prove that parents are ready to take a leap of faith and try out something new for the sake of their child’s learning.

Is Coding A Good Career

Is Coding A Good Career Choice For Kids To Aim For?

It certainly is due to the fact that children who are learning how to code do not traditionally limit themselves to just one discipline, as coding is a discipline that gives an entry to multiple domains. Your child’s abilities would not only be limited to just coding but instead would pave the way for really interesting fields which are unconventional yet rewarding in multiple aspects.

Kids may find it incredible that they get to write commands for electronic devices like TV, washing machines, coffee makers, etc., for instance, switching them on and off with these commands. Without coding, none of the basic, even everyday technology that we see around us would be possible.

As coding has become so prevalent in the modern world, the requirement for coders has certainly increased many folds. As a result, many businesses are continuously on the lookout for coders, so it’s not difficult to find employment at all as it’s so versatile.

Has It Become Easier To Learn Coding?

Gone are the days when getting the hang of it was difficult as there are many books, websites, and courses that aid learning starting from the beginner level. Learning the basics of coding is as simple as opening up an app on your phone. The internet is inundated with numerous courses which offer the basics of coding. You no longer need those big, bulky machines to learn how to code as it has become possible from the ease of your own personal computers.

Some Cool Facts You Should Know About Coding

  • There are more than 700 existing unique coding languages that you can learn, with new ones also being created—some of the most popular ones are Java, Perl, Python, Swift, etc. 
  • Perl, Delphi, and VBA are among the most disliked coding languages, including Coffeescript and ruby; however, all of them are equally popular among programmers despite opposing views.
  • The first computer programmers were women. For example, ENIAC was a system created by six women where they computed trajectories of ballistics in World War I. 
  • Ada Lovelace, a professional mathematician, was the first-ever computer programmer. Working together with Charles Babbage, a mechanical engineer, she created algorithms for machines that became the first computer programs.
  • Fortran was the first programming language used to conduct tests in geophysics, crystallography, weather prediction, etc. 
  • Soon, coding will be considered just as important as reading, as coding literacy will be something that will be regarded just as crucial as general literacy. 
  • Coding is quickly developing into one of the leading careers in the world. Apple Inc is the first trillion-dollar tech company, so it’s safe to say that there is a lot of scope for earning big bucks. 
  • New software can be written all the time as writing software consists of binary code, 0 and 1. Different commands can be written using infinite combinations of 0 and 1s. 
  • You do not always need to have a position in tech to use coding, as 70% of the coding jobs are based in fields that are not technology-related.
  • As coding uses one’s cognitive abilities, it can power up the brain. As a result, creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, and collaboration actively increase when the person learns how to code.
  • Coding is an intellectually stimulating activity that can reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s. 

Why Should You Consider Giving Coding A Shot?

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  • Your Child May Have Fun With It

In the past, there were only a few selected careers that our parents would follow, and all of them were traditional ones. Everything was done the conventional way; hence, there was a lack of innovation and disruption to give rise to something out of the box, which seems less like a job and more like a fun, passion-filled activity. So, if your child starts loving it and is passionate about it, then don’t worry about it.

  • There Are Opportunities In This Field

Research says that there are 1 million unfilled IT jobs in the US and have increased by 200k every year since 2010. As the tech industry is emerging as the next big thing, there are many unfilled positions and many innovations and advancements on their way.

  • IT Pays Well

According to business research, the top-paying jobs are all related to the field of computer sciences, the top one being a software architect and the second one being a full stack developer.

The list of top highly paid jobs is dominated by tech, some of them being; Java developer, Data scientist, data engineer, IT technician, and so on.

  • Coding’s Impact On The World

Some people are equally fine with them working more hours and not being noticed for what they do, although others want to impact the world around them. They want to create a difference, add value to people’s lives and contribute towards the betterment of the world, even if it’s a little something. Coding is a job that causes disruption; it creates a powerful impact on the world in fields that are advancing night and day. There are some people who take pride in what they do and want to be able to show the world that this is what they made - this is their hard work - so, it’s safe to say, coding is a career that will give you a lot of those.

Will Coding Ever Become Obsolete?

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It may be a concern that coding might become a fading skill. By the time new generations learn how to code, it might already be outdated, and new fields would be emerging. This is a valid concern as before entering a new field, everybody checks and gauges the scope of the field. However, thankfully, there is evidence that coding will not become obsolete sooner. In fact, the opposite may happen as there is an increasing demand for coders and software developers as time passes.

As long as advancement and progression occur in the world around us, inventions of new machines and electronic devices, coding will always be around. But, of course, it goes without saying that with the invention of new machines come programmers who have to give commands to these machines.

There are also premonitions regarding whether AI will completely replace the human’s ability to code physically, which really puts all those at a risk who have invested so much time and effort into learning this advanced skill. However, the good news is that research supports that AI may never be able to replace the human ability to code, but instead, it will be used by programmers to write better and improved software. AI is expected to create more jobs than it has replaced and will always remain inferior to human abilities. However, even if it displaces human abilities one day, that will take a lot of time to happen.

Where Can Your Coding Skills Be Utilized?

When it comes to utilizing coding skills, many fun jobs require your coding skills. Whether it's computer programming or developing software, there are many great opportunities through which you can exhibit your skills.

  • Web Developer

One of the go-to career choices for coders and programmers is web development. Naturally, therefore, you need to have the know-how of a multitude of programming languages required in this field.

The average salary of web developers who are starting is around $34,000.

  • Network Administrator

If you want to go into network administration, you’ll need to utilize your coding skills, although not as much as web developers do, still, need coding knowledge to ensure smooth running and avoid network problems. In addition, network administration is a well-paid job giving workers around $29,000 a year.

  • Data Scientist

If statistics and algorithms are your things, then data scientists would be the right choice for you. Data scientists use coding knowledge to solve meaningful problems. Data scientists essentially give structure to large amounts of unstructured data, which proves helpful in making strategic decisions. Data scientists make around $61,000, which can increase gradually depending upon experience and expertise.

  • Software Engineer

Games, applications, web development, and more is a significant part of today’s world and will play an even integral role in the near future as technology advances. All futuristic inventions and immersive experiences need software development that is developed by human coders for human users. Kids who start early and understand coding will make the most desirable candidates for future opportunities.

  • Automated Electrical Engineers

The future of cars is automated electrical cars which will completely take away the human responsibility of controlling and driving them. Human lives will undoubtedly be made easier as these cars will carefully maneuver themselves to avoid traffic and accidents. As these vehicles will be manufactured for humans, who better understand the needs of humans than a human engineer?

These engineers will be used to develop the autonomous systems and networks that will ensure the smooth running and functioning of these cars.

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Coding Is A Good Career!

Coming back to the main question, is coding a promising career? 

Well, that entirely depends on what your goals are. Whether you want a job that is financially rewarding, isn’t as strenuous, or you just want a job that is more of a hobby and less of a chore; that solely depends on what you’re in it for. 

If you’re looking for a place where your work may eventually become one of your hobbies and you’re driven by passion and curiosity, then the coding is the right choice. If you want to contribute to society's advancement and progression and want your contribution to be seen and noticed, coding might just be the most suitable option. 

In addition, if your child wants to have a career that they would enjoy and has the room to grow their passion and expertise, coding is the best career for them. It has been researched that kids who code turn out to be more intelligent, responsive, creative, and have better problem-solving skills than the kids who do not code.

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