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How to set up your own Minecraft server‍

Setting up your own Minecraft server

Minecraft is an extremely popular game on this planet, and it's quite simple to get started within the single-player mode. If you want to play multiplayer Minecraft, you'll need to connect to a server. This is a centrally situated server that allows numerous players to log in and play at the same time. 

There are numerous factors to consider when deciding whether to establish your own Minecraft server or rent one. Everything from hardware needs to server setup, security, maintenance, and upgrades must be considered. Before you open your Minecraft server to the public, double-check that everything is in order.

You may learn a lot about the numerous aspects of setting up a Minecraft server, whether you're a parent or a Minecraft player. If you use our server hosting, you can have a server up and operate in minutes, and it shouldn't take more than an hour if you do it yourself.

Players can collaborate on a public internet server to create bigger and better things than they could alone; but, you have no control over who connects to the public servers and thus who your child interacts with online. There's good news! You'll be able to see who's connecting to and playing in your child's worlds if you set up your own Server.

We've put together some instructions that you can download to get you started hosting your own Minecraft server for your student. These were made with the same learning management system that kids use at camp, iD Game Plan.

Before you try any of this at home, keep in mind that these instructions are for parents who are assisting their children. As a result, children must obtain parental permission and schedule a time when they can supervise and assist. Whoever has access to your external IP address will be able to join your server and play in your Minecraft world if you set up and maintain an online server. Evaluate who you invite to play on your Server before inviting them!

Make sure you and your child maintain track of everyone you invite to play on your Server. Only inviting players you know in real life is the greatest method to keep your Server secure and pleasant. There are plenty of wonderful individuals on the internet, but by restricting your Server to people you've met, you won't be surprised by who your children interact with.

What do you require?

If you want to set up and run your own Minecraft server, you'll need the right hardware first. In theory, a home PC can handle this, but it also depends on the number of players and server configuration. For example, it is recommended to have three gigabytes of RAM, 18 gigabytes of hard drive space, and broadband bandwidth of at least 12 MBit for three to five players. 

How to set up your own Minecraft server‍

There are also the operating system's needs, which for Windows 10 would be an additional one or two gigabytes of RAM (32-bit vs. 64-bit) and 16 or 32 gigabytes of hard drive space (32-bit vs. 64-bit).

These key numbers already indicate that other programs on the respective PC cannot run in parallel with the Minecraft server. Therefore, it only serves as a host. The purchase of a second PC in addition to your primary device not only consumes more of your home broadband allowance but also adds to your power consumption expenditures. It is most likely only an option for a small number of Minecraft fans.

Renting the hardware resources for a Minecraft server is a versatile and frequently highly cost-effective option since it allows you to leave the game's hosting in the hands of the supplier while you enjoy customizing your game.

You can also set up your Server independently and choose whether it should be public or private with this option. Many current server tariffs greatly boost or drop the booked hardware performance at any time, or at least monthly - an obvious advantage over a home server, which you can't merely scale up or down.

Network Requirements

You'll need at least 10MB/s upload to run a fast, lag-free server. When examining a network setup, the most critical factor to consider is its vulnerability to a DDoS attack. Unfortunately, this appears to be widespread, and if your IP address comes into the wrong hands, it can bring your entire local network down. As a result, we recommend utilizing a hosting provider whose network is fully protected against these attacks thanks to advanced hardware and software filtering technologies.

Selecting a Server Version

Minecraft is arguably the best sandbox game ever made. This means that you can make a limitless number of changes to the game itself, as well as construct whatever you want in the game. When constructing a Minecraft server, you can predetermine what the Server can accomplish by selecting the type of Server you want to create. When creating a Minecraft server, you can choose the sort of Server you want to make and thus predetermine what the Server will be able to perform.

Because they are much easier for players to connect to, the best Minecraft servers are mostly built on Spigot and plugins, but there are many more popular types. All of the needed server files will be produced when you start the main server executable, and you will be able to edit them after the initial boot. There are a number of different server versions to choose from, which you can learn more about below before deciding.


In Minecraft, there are many different types of servers to choose from. The vanilla version of Minecraft is created by Mojang and is also known as "Vanilla." The most recent version is 1.8.1 at the time of writing this article. This is a vanilla flavor. All of the other server versions are built on top of Minecraft. Enhanced servers are typically "older" versions of servers that have been significantly changed to improve performance and expand functionality. This is a terrific approach to get started with hosting your Minecraft server because there aren't many extra procedures involved in doing so. It's simple to set up and run your own Server with this kind.

Steps to set up the PC

How to set up your own Minecraft server‍ 2021

1. Verify that you have the most recent version of Java installed 

This is because Minecraft is a Java-based game. The first thing we'll do is make sure you're running the most recent version of Java. If you don't have Java, you can get it here.

If you require assistance with troubleshooting, then refer to the Wiki article on how to set up a Minecraft online server. PLEASE NOTE: Some server troubles require you to make changes to your computer's settings. You risk damaging your computer if you do this incorrectly.

2. Minecraft Server.jar

You'll need the server files first. These are available for free on Mojang's website:

  • Download Minecraft server.1.11.jar from the Minecraft Server Downloads page.
  • After the download is complete, transfer Minecraft server.1.11.jar to a new folder on your desktop and rename it "Minecraft Server."
  • Run Minecraft server.1.11.jar by double-clicking it.

Along with it, some additional files will appear in the folder.

3. Minecraft version

The steps above will still apply if Minecraft is updated to a new version. However, "1.11" will be replaced with whatever the new version number is!

4. Run the Server with a batch file

  • Right-click the Minecraft Server.1.11.jar file inside the Server folder.
  • Choose New > Text Document from the drop-down menu.
  • Give the new document the name "Run."
  • Paste the following line into the Notepad document: 1 cmd /k /k /k /k /k Minecraft server.1.11.jar java Xms1G Xmx1G

5. Accepting the EULA

Before starting a Minecraft server, you must agree to a license agreement provided by Mojang. To indicate that you agree, you must update the file eula.txt.

  • Double-click eula.txt to open it. The EULA can be read online or by copying and pasting the content from the document.
  • Replace eula=false with eula=true.

6. Launching Your Server Online

You're now ready to start your Server! Your Server will start when you double-click Run.bat.

A popup with information about your Server will display. Your Server will be up and operating as long as this window is active, and players will be able to connect!

7. The Server Window

Even if you're not in-game, your Server gives some information to assist you in keeping track of what's going on.

  • In the Stats tab, you can see how much memory the server is using.
  • In the Players tab, you can see who is currently connected to the Server.
  • In the Log and Chat window, you may observe server messages and player chats.
  • You can enter server commands in the bottom-right area.

8. Join Your Server

It's now time to connect to your Minecraft server.

  • Start Minecraft and play.
  • Select Multiplayer from the main menu.
  • Select the Add Server option.
  • In the Server Name field, give your Server a name.
  • In the Server Address area, type "localhost."
  • Click the Done button.
  • Click Join Server after selecting your Server.

On your home server, you should now be allowed to play. The internet connection will then be set up so that other players can connect to it.

9. Port Forwarding

The next step is to change the settings on your router so that other people can connect to your computer through it. Because the type of router you have determines the process, it will be different for everyone.

10. Determine Your External IP Address

You'll need to find your external IP after you've forwarded your ports.

  • Go to in your browser.
  • In the search bar, type "external IP" and hit Enter or Return.
  • Your external IP address will be revealed by Google.

11. Getting in Touch With Your Server

Other players can now connect to your connection using your external IP address now that you've port-forwarded it. 

12. Inviting Players to Participate

Anyone with your external IP address can connect to your Minecraft server and play. Make certain that everybody you invite to play is someone you can trust. It's best to invite just people you know. Before inviting new players to join, consult with your parents.

13. File Server. properties 

You may also change several game settings with the Server. Properties file in the Server folder. By altering the lines of the file using any text editor, you can change the properties of your Minecraft environment.

The following are the most common attributes that you might want to change:

  • To put your Server in creative mode, modify gamemode=0 to gamemode=1.
  • Change maxplayers=20 to increase or reduce the number of players who can join your server at the same time.

How to manage the Server

Managing a Minecraft server using a hosting service like ours is significantly easier than doing so on your own. A large part of server management is ensuring that your DNS and ports are configured correctly, that your bandwidth is adequate, and that the server is running at peak performance. It's not difficult to figure out how to run a Minecraft server, but few people have the resources to do it. While our services manage most of this for you, there is still some information you should be aware of. The most important consideration for a server owner is security.

How to moderate the Server

It is occasionally required to moderate your community in addition to managing the Server's processes. To avoid inappropriate conduct, it's as simple as installing anti-spam and anti-cursing plugins. Other times, this may entail banning players and acting on behalf of users in the event of in-game mishaps or possible grief.

Bottom line

Before you start putting up an internet server, make sure you get your parents' consent!

To allow others access to your Server, you must first download the server software from Minecraft and then utilize port forwarding.

After you've followed these steps, you'll have your own Minecraft server where you, your children, and their friends can all play together! You can share your connection information with anyone you know and invite them to join you in your world to cooperate and construct.

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