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The Internet has taken over the world. Almost all the work that is happening all around the world is because of the Internet these days. Adults, children, and even the older peeps are also taking various benefits from it. Whenever you are using the Internet, most probably, you are using search engines for doing searches. With the changing technology standards daily, our children must learn new skills and form that utilizing the Internet is a great option. We can have them learn how to make a website and help them in learning this tremendous soft skill. With learning how to create their Website, there are several great benefits for them. It will result in their mental growth and developing a professional skill of web development that can open great doors for them shortly. Do you not know anything about creating websites? Nothing to worry about, folks, as long as we are here. Let us get to the main part and learn how you can create a website. So, buckle up and get ready for some quality time. 

how to code your website

What is a website?

The first question in the human brain from the above-mentioned topic is quite simple: what is a website? Well, it is simple and easy. A website is a collection of similar content-based web pages. A website typically has a domain name similar to its original name and has a serve allotted to it. A service provider can receive this; however, the web pages and content must be done all by yourself. Some great examples of websites include,, and much more. 

Websites are typically dedicated to a common topic or a particular niche like news, fashion, games, and much more. There are also websites where people try their best to promote their services and make money from them. There are educational websites that offer courses—talking about opening websites; you do not need to worry about it. You can open them on any device, including phones, tablets, computers, and anything that has an active internet connection. 

Coding VS Website Builders 

how to code your website

In the early days, making a website was considered one of the most challenging tasks. This was because making a website from scratch was solely done with the help of coding. The whole Website needed to be coded in HTML, CSS, or PHP to make a good website; however, it was not a matter of hours or days. It would take weeks to code a complete website with a proper widget orientation and content. However, with time things have changed quite a bit. Various new software's are being introduced into the market, which is known as website builders. Many business owners are currently utilizing these website builders, and the best part is that they would spend hundreds and thousands of dollars to make their websites one of the best. 

For a normal full fledged website, you need to decide what you want to do. Are you deciding on coding your Website, or are you going to be using some customization tool? It all depends on you. Usually, making website time is one of the most critical factors, and you need to keep it in mind. Try using the method that utilizes minimum time and can quickly get your Website up and running. As the targeted audience for learning website development are children, and for ease, the best option is website builders. 

Best website builders

Well, if you are planning to create your Website, you need suggestions. You can use many options for creating a website, and even if you searched for the options, you could utilize your brain to go whoosh as there are hundreds and thousands of them out there—nothing to worry about as long as we are here. We will give you some of the best options you can utilize for the creation of your Website.  


Wix is one of the most trending website builders in the market these days. It is a kind of working tool that provides all the essential tools you need to develop a website. Wix offers a professional and user-friendly environment for both adults and children to work peacefully. Even though the website builder does not have any different programs or offers, it is a great spot to show kids the stuff to begin, redo and create a quality website. The website builder turns out incredible for improving business sites, little and medium web stores, portfolios, and even promotion sites. The multi-reason nature of the help makes it an excellent pick for the making of a site for youngsters. 


Wix considers a visual method of website creation. The utilization of the standard editor is an incredible tool that assists a child with planning a site, designing its control board, and tests with the toolset. Utilization of the Wix ADI system will allow a child to perceive how site creation happens and takes a dynamic part in it. Wix provides one of the most extravagant formats and themes, including more than 550 plans. A youngster has a chance to pick any plan they prefer and begin redoing it. The website designer provides bunches of free and paid gadgets that can be used for a website. A child does not need to utilize paid applications and widgets while investigating the list of capabilities of website designing. At the same time, the utilization of free gadgets may positively affect their website creation abilities.



WordPress is the most popular free open-end CMS, which is easy to use compared to other website builders. WordPress was initially launched as a blogging tool for bloggers; however, it was then updated to a complete tool for creating a complete website without any issue. The tool is easy to use and contains a large number of extra features. When utilizing WordPress, your child will want to create various sites, beginning with basic points and starting tools for complex portfolios, web journals, online stores, and business sites. From a basic perspective, the thing that matters is that a website builder is simpler to utilize; however, a CMS offers more freedom for customization. Even though WordPress itself is free, you may need to pay for certain themes and plugins to facilitate yourself if you have your Domain name.


WordPress is the simplest and the most helpful CMS for kids. Its intuitive dashboard and simple to-explore interface are commendable decisions for parents willing to show their children the essentials of site creation in a basic and justifiable manner. WordPress is known for its various free formats that are both incorporated and accessible on the web. Format quality is on a fair level. They are responsive and completely adjustable. It is good to utilize pre-planned WordPress templates for a youngster's site, which are 100% approved of the basic website structure. WordPress accompanies great plugins that are either accessible in stock or can be downloaded from the web. Plugins and widgets will remarkably be added to the site execution and visual allure. WordPress gives clients the opportunity of decision-making with regards to facilitating choice. Thus, if your child has made a site that merits being distributed on the web, you are free to choose a domain name and publish it online without any issue. 


uCoz is one of the most established and the most notable names of the web building community. It stands apart from the rest in the group because of the impressive and huge list of capabilities, incredible usefulness, and numerous customization choices. This helps admirably for straightforward sites for individual use, web journals, business sites, gatherings, political debates, portfolios, and surprisingly online stores. Without much of a stretch, a child can become an expert to make intriguing sites with it.


The web builder has a basic and natural interface, which is straightforward even to youngsters. Every one of the components and tools is in its place here. uCoz gives full power over CSS and HTML alteration along these lines taking into account further site customization. This is the way a child will want to pick up coding essentials and practice the abilities. The designer accompanies a rundown of helpful and simple to utilize tools and plugins that a child can alter as the person in question needs. The extension will prove useful to a kid, empowering them to use flexible ways to deal with web building. uCoz offers more than 20 classifications of themes and formats. The list is consistently being refreshed to give greater opportunities. uCoz has a free version that never terminates yet offers a rich toolset to guarantee a good and fun experience in the web building experience.

Importance of Web Development for kids 

web development for kids

There are various reasons why our kids should have a rough idea about why our kids should learn web development. Web development plays a really important role in developing both mental and analytical analysis of our kids. With the advancement in the field of website building, various things should be kept in mind. Let us look at some of the basic reasons why they should learn web development. 

Unlimited Customization 

All of the website creation tools are simple and easy to use. They offer you many functions that are extremely simple to utilize as long as you do not have to adjust them. When you do have to alter a topic or accomplish something as more customization with your site, you will require no less than an essential knowledge of coding for websites. For instance, with a touch of JavaScript information, you control almost every social media feed on your Website.

Careers and Growth 

If you have ever thought about your child having a career in web development and website creation, knowing how a website works and creating a website will give them a head start. Coding and web development are some of the most highly paid occupations that one can opt for in the modern-day world. With the utilization of the Internet to such an advanced level and new and new businesses opening day by day, websites have taken a huge demand. If your child knows how to create one of them, he is easily into the cash-making business. 

Applications of web Development 

There are countless numbers of applications of web development in various fields. Websites tend to attract more customers towards the business; therefore, almost every business, whether big or small, tends to make a website for itself. Famous restaurants such as KFC and Mcdonald’s have their food ordering services offered from various websites. Some freelancers are getting work from some of the websites that provide work, such as Upwork, Fiverr, and much more. Being a software engineering student, your child would be considered to have a keen and deep knowledge of the Internet, which can only be gained from websites. Again, if he has a general idea about web development, it greatly starts for these youngsters. 

Web Development no doubt plays one of the most significant roles in our everyday lives. The content you are seeing and your work are all because of websites and their creation. So, what are you waiting for? Start developing your kids' interest in web development and make your future bright and safe. Coding for kids

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