How Minecraft Teaches Kids to Code

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Minecraft is a three-dimensional video game where players build and destroy various blocks made out of different materials. If you are interested in computer games or have gamer kids, chances are you have probably heard of the game.

Minecraft has topped almost every game put out there and has become one of the world's most popular games in just a few years, primarily by word of mouth and despite a lack of heavy marketing. Minecraft, which was already a hot topic of discussion on the playground, has made its way into the classroom. Instructors increasingly find ways to use the game for instructional purposes.

Educators have also adopted the game for teaching purposes, from science lessons to high school graduations, which leaves us wondering whether Minecraft can teach kids how to code.

How Minecraft Teaches Kids to Code

What Exactly Is Minecraft?

Before you dive into the whole concept of Minecraft teaching kids how to code, you need to first understand what exactly Minecraft is.

Minecraft is commonly known as sand-box gameplay, famous for allowing users to explore endless worlds. The term implies a virtual environment where users may construct their own realms and adventures by playing around with blocks, tools found on the website, and their own inventiveness.

The game is compatible with a variety of gaming consoles. To start the game, you can easily play Minecraft on a PC, tablet, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, or Playstation. It is gaining popularity, particularly among primary-age children.

The Two Main Modes

The two main modes can be played as single as well as in multiplayer mode. Participants can interact with the entire world or exclusively play with people they know on local personal servers as a multiplayer game.

Minecraft has two modes that kids actively enjoy playing. These modes are survival modes and creative modes.

  • Survival mode

 In survival modes, the player must search or mine resources that they can later use to craft tools, make food, boost levels, and maintain health. If you die in survival mode, you lose the game and your inventory items and crafts.

  • Creative mode

Creative mode allows players to have fun flying and roaming about without worrying about losing or dying. They have access to unlimited resources enabling them to build and destroy anything in the realm.

Minecraft Coding Language: Which One Does It Use?

How Minecraft Teaches Kids to Code

Although it is not common knowledge, Minecraft was first programmed and coded in a language called JavaScript. As of now, there are two editions of this game; Bedrock and Java edition.

The bedrock edition features C++ and has been incorporated for other gaming consoles in different languages. But java remains the most used coding language since it is more interactive and allows its users to engage entirely when coding mods for Minecraft.

Java is among the simplest programming languages, and it is one of the first programming languages that people learn. More advanced programming languages may be pretty easy to mess up, which can be stressful while learning to accomplish basic tasks and prevent you from continuing.

Any programming language can be challenging to pick up, but like with any other language, learning it while still in school is a good strategy to solidify the fundamentals in your head.

That's why parents are attempting to engage children in understanding it early in their schooling by using games such as Minecraft as a bridge to more complicated programmers and introducing children to programming through things they enjoy.

What Coding Concepts Can Minecraft Teach?

Although Minecraft was not intended to be a tool for teaching, the thought of using it as one is surprising given how well it works for that purpose. Even without examining the code, your children can learn various programming and coding ideas while playing the game.

  • Redstone

Redstone Programming Language generates any number of command blocks. The essential component for performing this in Minecraft is the use of a feature known as Redstone.

It has just about never-ending applications. While constructing simple things using Redstone is possible, more complicated creations need an understanding of more advanced programming techniques, which we will not cover in this blog.

The Redstone Programming Language allows you to produce any number of command blocks from coding in a text document. You create your code in a file and successively generate command blocks. This means you always have a copy of your operation's code, it's easy to change, and it's designed to have straightforward language.

You will write as much code as you would if you dealt with command blocks within the game. And because you primarily work in a text file, you'll be able to create this code much faster because you won't have to fly around and right-click every command block.

  • Command Blocks and Console Commands

Command blocks allow kids to interact directly with codes in Minecraft. All they need to do is type out written commands in the chatbox to make things happen in the Minecraft world. These commands help players change several things within their world. For example, teleporting to places far away, changing the weather, crafting items that are impossible to get.

Although this is a merely written command and doesn't entirely pass as coding, it still is something since it enables kids to understand how computers respond when you send in a command. 

  • Python Modding: Minecraft Pi

The next step after learning programming concepts is to move on to actual programming and code. A great idea for starters would be to start with simple languages like Python. You can easily practice Python using Minecraft Pi.

This version of Minecraft was launched explicitly for Raspberry Pi devices and modding consoles that come with it. This console lets players make use of the Python programming language to produce alterations that modify the gameplay of Minecraft.

All the changes are then made in real-time, so learners can see what their code accomplishes right away. It's a fantastic opportunity to experiment with Python and learn a lot about what it's capable of!

  • Minecraft Hour of Code: JavaScript

JavaScript is an incredible language to learn. Suppose you or your kid is interested in learning more about it. In that case, you could simply do that by using another type of coding that is comparatively far easier for kids to understand: Minecraft Hour of Code using

 One thing about Hour of Code is that it uses the blockly editor made collaboratively by MIT and google instead of using the game itself. The editor allows learners to access premade code blocks and use them to solve challenges along the way. Each block contains actual JavaScript code that the learner may explore to better understand what is going on in the background.

Minecraft: Education Edition

How Minecraft Teaches Kids to Code

Minecraft Education Edition is another effective method in which Minecraft is assisting children in learning to write code. 

Minecraft Education Edition is a learning-focused edition of the famous sand-box game Minecraft. While students will indeed be hooked to the game regardless, instructor controls allow them to be educated as they engage with this virtual environment.

Education Edition has a limit to its availability. It is explicitly designed for educational institutes to use the game as a virtual classroom space.

Minecraft: Education Edition works effectively both in and outside of the classroom. Encouraging students to take a virtual adventure through time and space. Alternatively, have teams collaborate on a task irrespective of where they are.

Can Kids Understand Minecraft Coding Easily?

Learning programming and codes can seem a little intimidating for children, especially when they are not that used to writing/typing swiftly. Codes Many combinations of words, numbers, and characters are often used in coding languages, which initially puts the kids off, but their interest builds progressively as they get into it and start using it.

With all of that said, Minecraft is easy for kids to learn when they start with the basic coding editions first. For example, the Minecraft education edition is excellent for visual learners. It allows them some room to comprehend what is in front of them without worrying about a string of words and numbers.

These pre-written bits of code come together to form fully purposeful typescripts, eradicating the constant worry about misspelling or mistyping an inaccurate code.

Furthermore, Minecraft allows users to apply code instantly and see exactly what they are doing. This is significantly more helpful than other videogames that you'd have to close and reopen every time you made an adjustment to see the outcome.

Final Thoughts – Can Kids Learn to Code on Minecraft?

Although Minecraft may seem like a game that children often play mindlessly, it does an outstanding job at providing eager children with a fun environment in which they can learn coding.

It is also a superb platform for them to get started with basic coding that may allow them to build on the skill later as they grow up. Minecraft makes learning code easy for kids, so it makes sense to think it would help teach kids how to code.

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