Coding Class for Kids in 2021: Free and Cheap Websites to Teach Kids Computer Programming

There has never been a better time for kids to learn to code. Online coding classes for kids are more accessible and affordable than ever. With free and affordable options, kids everywhere can start learning computer languages today. Today we introduce the most popular FREE and CHEAP "coding for kids" websites.

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What is coding?

At its base level, coding is the process of giving a computer a set of instructions to follow to perform a task. Each line of the code is a set of instructions that forms a script, and a set of scripts forms a program.

We communicate these instructions by using specific languages that a computer can understand. The most common mainstream languages include JavaScript, Python, and C++.

Coding is often referred to as computer programming. It is the backbone of technology and Computer Science. Coding is fast becoming a vital skill within a child's well-rounded education.

What is coding for kids?

Coding for kids focuses on adding engaging and enjoyable elements to complicated concepts. Coding doesn't have to be difficult or dry.

It begins with games and drag-and-drop visual programming. Students can learn the fundamentals without advanced language or typing.

Kids will build on this with an introduction to the common programming languages. Many coding platforms and programs rely on games to make coding fun and interactive. Children will want to learn and create.

Is it necessary for kids to learn to code?

Coding is fundamental to many parts of technology and our everyday lives. Social media, security systems, your phone, and even your thermostat relies on coding.

Like learning any second language, it is important to begin the education when young. Children with a foundation in a language will have an easier time mastering it as they grow.

It is an important language that will be a great asset to any child's future. It can inspire children to innovate and to excel as they grow up and start a career.

In the present, coding teaches excellent study habits and develops problem-solving skills. Children who code will be better equipped to succeed in their regular schoolwork.

How can my kid learn to code?

Learning to code has never been easier and there are education options for every child. The concepts can be taught to kids of any age with the right tools.

There are many options depending on your child's age, learning style, and budget. Kids who want to learn on their own can download apps and use websites. We've got some great apps and websites to check out below

For structured education, kids can attend camps or online tutoring. Geekedu offers affordable, private online instruction for kids and teenagers.

What are the best programming languages for kids?  

Try starting visual programming languages. This is a great way to introduce kids to coding without overwhelming them with text. There are many resources for learning block coding, like Tynker and Scratch. Kids can then build on this knowledge by learning JavaScript, Python, and C++.

Free and Cheap Coding Programs and Websites for Kids

Free offers free online coding for kids, regardless of background. Their Hour of Code tutorials are fast, hour-long sessions, to get kids coding as soon as possible. Kids can learn at their own pace, even if they have a busy schedule. is a nonprofit organization that has taught millions of kids to code.




Designed by the MIT Media Lab, Scratch is a programming language and an online community. Its visual block language is easy to learn and unintimidating. It is a free program that encourages kids to program and share interactive media. It focuses on the creative aspects of coding, like building games and animation.

Khan Academy


Khan Academy


Khan Academy is a nonprofit foundation designed to teach students of all ages. There are exercises and instructional videos covering coding and computer science for children. Students have a personal learning dashboard and learn at their own pace.



Plans starting at $99/year

CodeCombat features personalized online instruction with gameplay. Kids play games while typing real Python and JavaScript to complete challenges. It incentivizes learning and keeps children engaged. They offer self-lead learning and private one-on-one instruction.



Plans starting at $10/month

Tynker offers self-paced learning with apps and games to introduce children to coding. Age-recommended classes make it easy for any child to begin at a level that is engaging and catered to them. It promotes learning and creativity.            


1-on-1 Learning with Geekedu

Monthly Plan as low as $32/hour. check here


For the most thorough coding education, kids and parents should look for further learning. Free websites may not offer a complete curriculum. Kids may also find self-lead instruction frustrating or difficult. Systematic learning with a qualified instructor is the best way to understand computer programming.

Geekedu offers an affordable, personalized education program for kids and teenagers. We tap into a student's unique interests to relate complicated concepts to them. This keeps students engaged and having fun while learning.

Our instructors come from top universities and some of the largest tech companies. Each student learns with the same instructor every week for consistency. Sessions are private, online, 1-on-1 using a proven curriculum.

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