35 Free Hour of Code Games and Activities for Kids to Learn to Code

Every year, millions of children around the world take part in the Hour of Code. It is an annual event held in December to introduce the basics of coding to kids of all ages. This one-hour activity is a great way to get your kid to start learning to code.

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What is Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code began as a one-hour session to introduce kids to Computer Science. This grassroots campaign grew to an annual part of Computer Science Education Week. It is a call to action for kids around the globe to learn and advocate for better Computer Science education.

Hour of Code wants every child to experience a small taste of coding to try it out and see their potential with it. Any kid can start with only one hour.

When is Hour of Code?

Hour of Code is part of Computer Science Education Week, which takes place in early December. The purpose is to bring children together and to give them the opportunity to learn coding.

Every student should have access to this important education. Coding teaches problem-solving, logic, and creativity. It also opens career opportunities down the line. But, kids don't have to wait until December. They can get started for free at any time.

Free Hour of Code Games and Activities for Kids

For Elementary School Kids

AI Lessons Unplugged

These unplugged lessons teach kids the basics of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning without a computer. It is a great introduction to complex ideas for a classroom setting.

Beaver Achiever

This block-based coding game is excellent for younger children who are just learning to read.

Box Island

Learn the basics of algorithms, sequences, loops and conditionals while helping Hiro collect stars on Box Island. This visual coding game is great for children 6+.

Code with Ana and Elsa

Lead your favourite Frozen characters to create beautiful snowflake patterns as you skate. This game combines coding with some of the most beloved characters and is perfect for elementary school students.

Code Your Hero

Turn someone special in your life into a superhero and build a story or game with coding. This game is fun, engaging, and personalized.

CodeBytes Daily Live Mini-Lessons

Not ready for a full hour of coding? This series of 20-minute mini-lessons is a great way for students of all ages to start in a friendly, unintimidating way.

Coral Reef Cleanup

Collect trash with code and help to clean up the coral reef. Various versions of this game allow children to code with blocks or text depending on age and experience.

Digital Escape Room

You have an hour to unlock all the locks and escape! Students will use logic and reasoning to complete the tasks in this exciting coding game.

Hour of Code with Your Besties!

Code with your friends! These coding lessons were developed with the Girl Scouts of Greater New York to encourage young girls to learn about Computer Science.

Moana Hour of Code

Go on a quest with Disney favorite, Moana. Kids will use code to help Moana protect her island from coconut-stealing pirates.


Tynker is a great resource for many different Hour of Code games for elementary students. It features many games developed by NASA Experts for children interested in space exploration.

Unplugged Coding Activities

Take coding learning off the screen to immerse children in the basic concepts with Kodable. Even kids without a computer can learn some of the core elements of Computer Science.

Middle School Kids

Code Combat: Escape the Dungeon

This interactive game teaches kids coding while leading a hero through ogre patrols and lava pits! It is fun and engaging as they level up to unlock new programming powers.


Codemonkey offers a variety of games for middle schoolers to join in on Hour of Code. Learn Python or introductory JavaScript.

Compute It

Play as the computer to read and interpret programs and win challenges! This is a great program for kids with some programming experience.

Google CS First

Google's introductory Hour of Code activities are aimed at older elementary to middle school kids. Start with offline coding concepts or dive straight into Scratch with these proven lessons.

Gumball's Coding Adventure

Tell a story with these popular cartoon characters while learning Computer Science topics like loops, events, and sequencing.

Hour of Drawing with Code

The Khan Academy is a leader in offering free coding resources. Students will use JavaScript to draw their very own snowman.

Lego Plants and Pollinators

Code a working lego model of a bee pollinating flowers. This fun game combines coding, logical thinking, science, and one of the world's most famous toys.

Make a Flappy Game

Build a Flappy Bird game with this drag-and-drop introduction to coding. Then, send your game to your phone or tablet and share with your friends!

Minecraft Hour of Code

Created for educators, this program uses the ever-popular Minecraft game to get kids engaged and involved. Lessons are offered in both blocks and Python.

Minecraft Tale of Two Villages

Kids will bring two villages together in the popular Minecraft platform. It promotes cooperation and inclusion while teaching basic coding concepts.

Ovun City

Hack into the cyberpunk world of Ovun City to solve puzzles and fix broken code. This game is immersive and interactive and promotes creative thinking.

Star Wars: Building a Galaxy with Code

Code in the Star Wars universe in this epic adventure in learning. Two game options offer learning with block-based visual coding or JavaScript .

Tinkercad 3D

Tinkercad offers a variety of introductory games for Hour of Code with their unique 3D visualization. Kids can design snowflakes, bracelets, bugs, and more.

Trivia Chatbot

Students will learn to create a chatbot that prompts a fun trivia game using their Python knowledge. This game is recommended for kids with some Python experience.

For High School Kids

Capture the Flag Cybersecurity Competition

Take on your classmates and students around the globe in a fun cybersecurity competition. Students will practice advanced skills like encryption, network security, reverse engineering, and programming.

Code an Impact Game

Design a game where players learn about important issues along the way. Find creative ways to combine coding with social activism.


CodeHS has a variety of 1-hour lessons for high school students looking to learn or brush up on coding skills.

Crack a Caesar Cipher!

Learn the fundamentals of encryption and how to start to crack secret messages in this fun 1-hour session.

Don't Yeet the Yeti

Use JavaScript to save the Yeti. Program a smart cannon in this interactive, self-paced lesson. Suitable for high schoolers with some coding experience.

Hour of Code Dance Party

Code a dance party to share with your friends! Animate characters to the sounds of some top-of-the-charts hits. This game is fun and interactive.

HS Quiz Bowl University of Nebraska Omaha

Compete with your peers and teacher in this online quiz tournament held by the university of Nebraska Omaha. High schoolers can put their knowledge to work to compete with other students across the world.

JavaScript in Grasshopper

Grasshopper teaches the early concepts of JavaScript in a simple, effective manner. Bite-sized puzzles will teach students to safely move the grasshopper through the game without falling or hitting a wall.

Geekedu - Coding for highschool students

Geekedu has a full curriculum in coding. From Scratch, Python, Java to C++ and even computing contests and AP CSP.

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Wherever you are and however you choose to participate, get ready to learn your Hour of Code!

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